2nd Water light festival of Brixen

Water et light, this is life!

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    For its second edition, Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d'images staged and illuminated The Water Light Festival Brixen Bressanone Südtirol in Italy: ● A course of 20 fountains artistically conceived and staged by Yves Gomez and the Lighters of images ● The immersive WoW show, World of Water, screened in the prison courtyard, created by Les Allumeurs d'images and Orel's original music.

    Lighting installations and performances at the city's water sources draw attention to the precious resource of water and open up new persepctives. Water worlds and light art - a luminous connection that invites you to marvel, dream, participate and reflect. May and discover the unique atmosphere!

    > Experience the city of lights from 10 to 26 May 2018, starting at 9 pm every night.

    > The Water Light Festival website